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Chicago's premiere salon for men only, HALO [FOR MEN] offers a relaxing, masculine environment designed to put city-dwelling males at ease from the moment they walk in the door. "We created the salon to cater to urban men by providing a sophisticated yet modest environment where men can go to comfortably enjoy luxurious salon services without worrying about feeling out of place or being gawked at, like at other female-dominated salons and spas."

HALO [FOR MEN] is Chicago born and raised. It is the brainchild of locals. HALO [FOR MEN] stands for quality, hard work and satisfied clients. Chicagoans are too smart and sophisticated to be shoved into a chair, have a pair of clippers and a guard run across their head and then be pushed out the door in less than 15 minutes. Equally, Chicagoans know that spending more doesn't always get you more. So, HALO [FOR MEN] gives you a well priced, 45 minute experience with a scissor and comb based haircut, allowing your hair to lay evenly, your cut to last longer and to look great even after 3 weeks. It’s about distinction and a striving for excellence that you don’t find in franchised chop shops. They don’t understand what Chicagoans are looking for and deserve – quality and value, all in one package. Michael Douglas once said, “I'm impressed with the people from Chicago. Hollywood is hype, New York is talk, Chicago is work.” And that’s HALO [FOR MEN] – we work tirelessly to provide quality and satisfaction in this down to earth, fast moving town. 

Mark Twain once described Chicago as “a city where they are always rubbing a lamp, and fetching up the genii, and contriving and achieving new impossibilities.” And HALO [FOR MEN]hopes that it has lived up to that characteristic – bringing Chicago an all men’s salon where a guy can get more than a quick, mediocre cut. HALO [FOR MEN] has achieved that great impossibility of giving men the quality of grooming and pampering that women have been privy to for years but in an environment and atmosphere created solely for them. 
And we think there’s still so much of this great city to conquer…

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